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You may consider that IT security is primarily dependent on technology. Technology companies may try to convince you the same, that upgrading your software or getting something new will magically solve your security problems. The statistics show the opposite. Under 10% of security problems are caused by technological faults.
The rest are mainly caused by human error resulting from wrong or lacking security education and policies. This is where we can help.

What is there to protect?

Your Data
Data should not be stolen by other people. Data should not be corrupted. Data should be available to you all the time. Is your data truly protected now?

Your Resources
Most people want to use their computers just for themselves and not share them with unknown persons. Even if your data is untouched and available to you, your resources may be illegally used by others. Your computers may be used to launch illegal attacks against other networks right now.

Your Reputation.
Some time ago an impostor posing as a respected university teacher sent thousands of emails containing racist content to random recipients. Is your business protected against such incidents?

Nextate has built its security experience over the past six years while working for firewall builders and top hosting and datacenter companies. We did not yet worked for the NSA but certainly datacenters come next in high security demands. Our broad range of security consulting services include:

Security Risk Assessments

At Nextate, we will assess threat risks to your network by first identifying what is critical to your business. Using that information, conducting interviews and thorough analysis we will evaluate your security systems and policies to determine the overall security effectiveness.

Security Audits

We will work with your company as members of your audit team. Computer security auditors will perform their work though personal interviews, vulnerability scans, examination of operating system settings, analysis of network shares and historical data. We will analyze how security policies, the foundation of any effective organizational security strategy, are actually used.

Security Policy Development

Is your security policy current and user friendly? We develop and evaluate policies to ensure your staff is able to protect your business. We verify that policies are in place and able to deal with events that could disrupt your business.

Network Vulnerability Testing

We utilize software that remotely scans your network for any security risks. A detailed report is created in order to track and fix any weakness detected in your network.

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