Nextate PDF Forms for Lotus Domino

Save time by taking the paper away from your business processes and replacing it with identically looking electronic forms.

The easy to use Nextate PDF Forms software helps you create and deploy electronic form solutions based on Adobe’s PDF and IBM’s Lotus Domino. By providing seamless integration between Domino data and PDF forms, our software accelerates form data capture and pre-filling processes.

With Nextate PDF Forms you can capture data from your customers through PDF forms displayed in a browser and process them according to your internal workflow. This eliminates the need to wait for printed copies or type the same data into other regulatory or standard forms. PDF forms can be particularly useful when forms need to look exactly like their paper versions due to regulatory compliance or corporate standards. The data is automatically collected to your back-end Domino databases thus leveraging your existing Lotus Domino infrastructure.

Nextate PDF Forms' main advantages:
    - captures form data when it is entered; you don’t have to wait for the printed copy
    - eliminates the need for typing the same information all over again
    - accelerates filling process by pre-populating forms with existing information
    - supports form workflows
    - improves customer service and user-adoption by using paper-like electronic forms
    - provides more reliable printing
    - users only need a browser and the free Acrobat Reader to access your forms
    - you can build your own forms in minutes using Adobe LiveCycle Designer
    - leverages your Domino infrastructure

Solutions based on Nextate PDF Forms can benefit small and medium-sized firms in legal, real-estate, financial and professional services industries which have to process a vast amount of internal and regulatory forms on a regular basis.

Nextate PDF Forms 1.0 for Lotus Technical Specification.pdf

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