J2EE consulting and development

The core Java/J2EE team at Nextate consists of people working with Java technologies for over eight years. Most originate from Sun Microsystems' SunSITE Romania Excellence Center, one of the very first places to promote Java technology and train Java professionals. We offer our broad experience and support to businesses in need of high quality services, to people who like to get things done on time and on budget, with no management overhead on their side. From conception to full implementation, testing, licensing and deployment, training and support, Nextate handles everything for you.

Commercial platforms:

IBM WebSphere Appplication Server
As an IBM Business Partner Nextate has been offering WebSphere consulting, integration and development for several years. The WebSphere services we offer include:

- Licensing
- Server setup and administration
- Application Development
- Architecture
- Business solutions
- Integration
- Performance Tunning
- Security

To read more about WebSphere please visit http://www.ibm.com.

Open source platforms:

For the budget minded customer, free, open source technologies can be used to create powerful solutions. JBoss is Nextate's J2EE open source platform of choice and one of the best J2EE platforms available on the market today. Our experience with JBoss spans across all component and related technologies, including:

- JBoss Portal
- EJB 2/3.0
- Hibernate
- Tomcat

To read more about JBoss, please visit http://www.jboss.org.

Tomcat and other open source technologies
Tomcat is not J2EE but certainly is a key technology used either alone or in conjunction with real enterprise platforms. Alone or combined with technologies like Struts or Hibernate and Spring Framework it can bring better results than using the heavyweight J2EE platforms. The top technologies we specialize in are:

- Apache
- Tomcat
- Struts
- Hibernate
- RDBMS (including DB2, CloudScape, MaxDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL)

To read more about Tomcat and related technologies please visit http://www.apache.org.

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