About Us

Nextate’s mission is to establish ourselves as a reliable support partner to small and midsized companies by providing unmatched services in finding solutions to their technology needs on-time and on-budget in a cost-effective manner.

Our major focus is on the technical support, design, development and integration of e-business and collaboration solutions using Lotus Notes and Domino, open standard J2EE platforms ( WebSphere) and Adobe/XML technologies.

Everything starts with the people. The company emerged in 1999 from the Sun SITE Romania team when a smart group of people started offering consultancy and development services for cutting edge Sun technologies. Since then we have built a strong team of Certified Lotus professionals acquainted to the best practices of IBM software and with over eight years experience of working with Java technologies.

Nextate delivers services internationally with most of our clients based in North America and Europe. Our headquarters and R&D centre are in Bucharest, Romania.

What We Do

The years in business have taught us that focusing on what we know really really well benefits both our clients and us. Thus at Nextate, we do everything around IBM Lotus Domino and related technologies whether it is consultancy, integration with other technologies or migration, custom solutions development or technical support .

We concentrate on providing a complete package of services from identifying needs to technology consulting, project management, system integration, support and technical writing.

Technology Consulting
System Engineering
Software Engineering
Software Engineering
Project Management
Software Lifecycle Management
Software Configuration Management
Tools, Frameworks & Techniques
Quality Assurance
Application Integration
Technical Support
Technical Writing
Application Maintenance


Nextate uses a software development methodology based on the Rational Unified Process™. The methodology captures many of the best practices of software development including “architecture-first” approach, developing software iteratively, managing requirements, using component-based architectures, continuously verifying software quality and controlling changes to software.

This disciplined approach to development ensures the production of high quality software that meets the needs of its end users within a predictable schedule and budget.

How We Engage

Technical Support and Application Maintenance Services

Usually, technical support and help-desk services are provided remotely via phone, email or IM. For application maintenance services, access to the clients network is done only through secure VPNs or other form of encrypted connection.

Depending on your requirements, short-term onsite support can be provided as well.

Software Development Services

Prior to beginning any work, Nextate team clarifies all the engagement details. Depending on the project complexity, onsite visits may be performed. The project scope, deliverables, screen layouts, reporting, functionality issues, timelines, etc. are all defined in detail. A proof of concept and generic use cases should be developed during this phase to understand the look and feel of the end product.

Deliverables and other progress reports will be made available to the customer at preagreed intervals. The customer may choose to receive remote access to the development server via a VPN or some other secure means. By accessing the development server remotely, the customer can monitor progress in real time, and maintain overall control even though work is being carried out offsite.

For each project a Project Manager is assigned who is available for direct communications via phone, e-mail and IM during the project life-cycle.

Our Values

- Responsiveness. Ask our clients. This is what they value the most in working with Nextate.

- Providing cost-effective professional services doesn’t mean that we compete on price, we rather prefer to compete on added business value.

- We believe that
good communication is the key to any successful business relationship. Our consultants are always available for immediate phone/email/IM support.

- We differentiate on being “
Customer Intimate”. We invest our time and resources in developing close long-term business relationships with our clients.

Our Partners

We are proud to be associated with:

Our company is reinforcing its qualifications through partnership with IBM in order to have privileged access to the latest technical and educational resources.

Our Clients

Our growth and success are measured upon the long-term relationships we build with each of our clients. Our value is to help our clients improve their operations, service delivery and expand their revenue.   

Our clients range in size from organizations as small as 10 people to midsized companies and span a variety of industries, including IT services providers, software vendors, financial services, real-estate, manufacturing, publishing and government organizations.

We understand that one of the important sources of information still is word of mouth. Thus we believe that making it possible for our prospects to talk to our existing or past clients not only allows us to build the necessary credibility but also helps our prospects to get right to the issues that are important to them.

Some of our long-term clients include:

Prominic.NET, Inc

We've been working together with our long term customer and partner Prominic.NET, Inc. on building a fully automated datacenter infrastructure, which includes: credit card processing, service monitoring and recovery, automatic application deployment, backup solutions and datacenter management. A wide range of technologies have been used, including J2EE, JMX, XML and Lotus Domino, running on different architectures based on Linux, Solaris, AIX and Windows.

Putman Media

For this leading North-American media company we provide ongoing Lotus Domino consultancy, technical support and application maintenance and development services.

Viva Credit IFN SA

We've been working with this leading Romanian financial institution to improve customer processing, project that lead to more rapid credit approvals.

For more information about Nextate and our references, please contact us.

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