IT Outsourcing

Nextate provides IT outsourcing services for small and medium size enterprises across the globe from its headquarters in Bucharest, Romania. We specialize in the delivery of high-quality, mission-critical custom solutions and projects that meet their cost, schedule and quality goals.

Nextate works with the organizations that:

- want to gain access to expert capabilities at reasonable costs;
- demand a high level of quality, robustness, reliability, and performance;
- need a custom solution that is available only through complex integration of existing components;
- must free internal resources for other purposes, or want to scale up for a specific project without increasing the number of permanent staff;
- want to achieve development schedules not possible with internal staff, or are engaged in a mission-critical project that cannot afford to fail;
- need to share project risk with another company.

Our expert design and construction skills are augmented by key disciplines required for a successful project - project planning, requirements management, project tracking, configuration management, and quality assurance.
We provide:
Technology Consulting
Software Development
Project Management
Technical Support and Maintenance

Our policy is focused on close collaboration with our customers. We first understand the business models of your organization before taking a highly personalized approach to precisely meet your business demands. This way we ensure that you get the most from our flexible service contracts: maintain your competitive focus, enhance IT skill sets and cut costs.

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