Strategy Consultants & Partnership opportunities

Strategy Consultants

We are looking to create partnerships with senior level Sales Consultants and Agents to join our global sales team.

The ideal candidate will have extensive sales experience operating at C levels within organizations and an excellent portfolio of customer relationships. This position is not restricted to any specific location / region. Compensation is commission based.

To apply for this position, please, send your resume to

Partnership opportunities

At Nextate we treat our business partners as our most valuable assets. Our success directly translates into the growth and advancement of our partners.

Nextate is committed to building a global network of partners to pass on the performance and cost benefits of our expertise to end customers.

We provide independent consultants, software services and consulting companies an opportunity to further improve financial growth and stability by maximizing their profits and enhancing the service offerings with our products and/or services.

Interested in partnership opportunities with Nextate? Then definitely you should email us at

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